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As I channel surf tonight I realized something…PRIDE is here and the saddest part is it wasn’t because of the changing of the calendar or the reminder messages about the pletheroa of events this month. My realizaztion came because every other channel had a gay themeed movie or documentary. Even On demand had the Stonewall story…

Now why am I writing about this? Well because a couple years ago I remember when GLBTQ media was considered risky, but now it’s being main streamed. I can’t say realized, because like straight media, it’s idealized, stereotypical fluff. I understand that many believe this is a step in the right direction, but whole being resounds with a very loud is it.

This process reminds me of the magic and witches stories hitting mainstream. Let me eleberate. First a few shows were introduced to the public. They had wonderful writers, directors, and staff, in general. But the content generally was not something that was prominent on television, movies maybe, but not television. Eventually other networks jumped on the bandwagon, even though they were met with stiff opposition. After a little time, the opposition died down. My question is what changed? What made the opposition back away and focus elsewhere? It’s an almost deadly cycle it seems, once something hits mainstream, the public becomes desensitized to the deeper issues.

This is a double edged sword, it makes it easier to get the respect wanted. But at what cost? The media uses stereotypes to paint it’s characters. Stereotype’s make money. And I conceed that stereotypes have their basis in general reality. The operative word of that statement is GENERAL. Although those stereotypes paint society with broad strokes, it’s the finer details that need illuminated.

In closing, I LOVE the fact that media networks are embrassing GLBTQ stories and media. My plee to GLBTQ at large, is don’t let the fact that our stories are seeing more and more airtime drown out our unified cries for civil rights. Although we are on the right track, some may say we are far from home. I disagree, home is not a physical place, but place of emotion, a place of passion. So keep the passion, keep the love!

Blue Fairy Godfather

To the gamers:

So in this issue of homo-watching I’m going to have a ‘lil bitch session.

Let me paint a picture for you…You and your man are sitting on the couch watching a movie. Them movie ends, and you start to do your sexy pre-party. A ‘lil kissing…touching…and joking around for some of us. Then you sit up and start making your way to the bedroom, and he’s following….or so you thought. He passes you and goes to them bathroom, which is normal. Then you see him come out the bathroom talking to his friend on the phone. Saying, yeah let me just find my DS. That’s right I’m talking about all you gamer boys. If you are in the middle of sexy couple time, your game can wait.

I mean it has an on/off switch….even PAUSE. You can take the 30 minutes to an hour for some bed maintenance…if you know what I mean. And if you think you can’t wait ‘cuz your friend wants to plays, well I guess that’s TWO of you not getting any.

So as I lay here in my bed typing this. I am not a happy homo…but at least I posted.

Keepin’ on the homo-watch.


So I started this project with the full intention and energy to make it rock…..buttttttt…..I have been recently fired from my day job (damn you call center metrics), so I have been working overtime getting more paying clients.

This has made posting, and posting what I want not the easiest.

But the good news is that, submissions are still open! Got a funny gay-themed story? Or maybe a picture of someone while your HOMOWATCHING?

Send it on over!

Our Focus

Yeah, Yeah… I know I started the blog site off badly talking about the games me and my friends play out in public, but here is the real deal!

After creating this Tumblr blogsite, I started thinking about ways to use the space and still give my opinion and insight to the world (Humble, I know. LOL). So, I decided to broaden the spectrum a bit.

Homowatching although still designed to be funny and social, will also cover all aspects of Homo socials, their behaviors, and insights. We will be teaming up with another project I am involved in called 31 Year Old Virgin (CHECK IT OUT!) to provide insight and perspective from the gay world from GLBTQ and Str8 men and women from all over the world.

So….wanna be featured on Homowatching? Send me a message through here….or even post you own content!

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